Sporetacular Fungi

promoartboardsv1Lillklobb Permaculture’s first ever event is focused on the fantastic kingdom of fungi.

I’ll be joining forces with Austrian fungi expert, Lorin von Longo-Liebenstein and Helsieni to bring these incredible creatures into the spotlight for a weekend long tour-de-force of all things fungi.

…how fungi are way more than mushrooms! We’ll be looking at how fungi have played an important role throughout evolutionary history and the potential bonuses of conscientously partnering with them.

….an 800 year old farmstead being converted to a working urban farm based on permaculture principles. Permaculture is focused on finding solutions for your context, so expect to see fungi enlisted to solve many “problems” land owners face from time to time.

…edible and medicinal mushrooms on logs, wood chips, into compost piles, and even toilet paper!

…these unsung, and often unseen, creatures that make life possible!


Everything below is confirmed. This is more or less the final version.



  • Tour: Introduction to Lillklobb Permaculture by Joshua Finch
  • Lecture: What are fungi? An insight in the world of mushrooms by Lorin von Longo-Liebenstein
  • Lecture: Growing mushrooms – a presentation of different ways to grow mushrooms by Lorin

Lunch break- featuring anything fresh from Lillklobb’s market gardens and wild species. Wild mushrooms if we are lucky!


  • Hands on: We’ll split into two groups that will each have the chance to inoculate logs using dowels and various sawdust methods. (Tentative species- shiitake & reishi) Presented by Lorin & Joshua
  • Lecture: Fungi & Agroforestry: Tradition and New Prospects by Pyry Veteli
  • Hands on: Inoculating wood chip beds. (Tentative species- wine cap stropharia!) Presented by Lorin & Joshua



  • Lecture: Medicinal Fungi by Lorin
  • Group talk: Tales from the Forest, Field, Garden, and Lab- Share your fungi story
  • Presentation: Serving the Soil- creating a home in your garden for fungi with Ulla-Maija Takkunen

Lunch- featuring anything fresh from Lillklobb’s market gardens and wild species. Wild mushrooms if we are lucky!


  • Hands on: Making raised beds with mushroom inoculated logs by Ulla-Maija & Joshua
  • Lecture: Lesser known edibles and their potential in Finland by Pyry
  • Hands on: Inoculating oyster mushrooms on toilet paper + fun facts about mushrooms by Lorin
  • Presentation: Helsieni’s introduction to growing mushrooms on coffee grounds
Note: The event will be hosted in English with Finnish and (possibly!) Swedish handouts as guides

Take Aways

While fungi are incredibly fast growing creatures, two days just isn’t enough to go from spore to shroom. So we want to give you the chance to see that transformation at home- the plan thus far is to allow you to choose from a couple different species too:
Those attending on Saturday will get a mini-mushroom-log;
Those attending on Sunday will get a grainbag with mushroom spawn to experiment with.
Those attending both days will get both!

Note: The event will be hosted in English with Finnish and (possibly!) Swedish handouts as guides.

See the Facebook event for discussion!

Who we are!

pic lillklob+helsieni

Lorin, self professed, full time mushroom nerd

Meet Lorin: Fascinated by fungi from his youth in the Austrian woods, he has worked in mushroom research, a production center in Austria, and has traveled through the western world to get more information about his friends, the fungi. Lorin spends almost as much time spreading the word about fungi through workshops and courses, introducing the world of mushrooms to people of all ages.

He will join us for two days to share his knowledge and passion. Be aware: you will be in high risk of getting the mushroom fever after spending some time with him!



DSC_0426 (470x376)

Ulla-Maija: Working with nature to create conditions where nature can bloom in all its diversity

Ulla-Maija Takkunen is a permaculture gardener (Permaculture design certificate, horticulturist, ecological gardener) who is following her purpose and working on serving the soil via the continual search for long-term solutions.

She is trying to understand deep connections between creatures, plants, soil, rain, fungi etc. Every new garden season means observing, learning, discovering, supporting, and deeper honoring and serving – and of course having joyful time. Ulla-Maija is active in Hyötykasviyhdistys as head of the Oulu area, and also be found working with urban farming projects, writing, and teaching while taking care of her own homescale permaculture garden. Ulla-Maija’s work can be found on her blog: Hetkiä Hertalla as well as at Slow Life Finland.




Chris: living proof that Dutch passion for growing and business goes well beyond plants!

Chris is the Cofounder of Helsieni, a Helsinki-based mushroom farm. Chris has a background in design and a deep interest in practical applications of the circular economy. After coming to Finland and discovering the wonderful world of mushrooms and hearing about urban mushroom cultivation on coffee waste, he and Stéphane decided to start growing their own. Chris will share the journey of their mushroom farm in the center of Helsinki and demonstrate how to grow oyster mushrooms on coffee grounds.










Pyry with, … well, he’ll tell you!

Pyry Veteli studies forest pathology at the University of Helsinki with a minor in mycology (that’s the study of mushrooms, folks). He’s interested in developing new forestry practices informed by research in fungal ecology. Pyry is especially interested in collecting and advancing the use of Finnish species and strains: he’s always on the lookout for outstanding specimens of rare and new species.

Pyry will let us know about some of his work fusing fungi and forestry as well as bringing some lesser known fungi that deserve to be eaten into the limelight.





Reservations come in two folds:

Weekend Pass- 80euros (inc. VAT) gets you access to the entire two day event. You’ll have the option to take home a small log inoculated with spawn or even grain spawn to experiment with at home! Lunch is included for both days. Look forward to mushroom themed fare with Helsieni’s famous Oyster Mushrooms front and center.

Day Pass- Can’t make it for the whole weekend? We are offering day passes for 50euros (inc. VAT). This should prove to be a great option for those of you who are pressed for time, but really want to attend certain portions of the program. Of course lunch for that day is included!

Note: I’m currently working out details for overnight stays on site for those coming from out of town.