Pilot Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program

Open enrollment has officially closed. This page remains up for a few days as instructions for the folks who’ve expressed interest and need a little more time to join.

Already a member? Use this link to go to the password protected Members Only Page


Community Supported Agriculture models allow consumers to support local farms directly through paying for a season’s worth of produce before planting begins- helping to minimize risk for the farmer and reserving the best seasonal produce for your kitchen. This is a “lite” version of that model.

For the past five months I’ve been hard at work laying the groundwork for the highly diverse, ecologically complex, and socially interactive landscape I hope Lillklobb to become in the coming years. Lillklobb Permaculture aims to bring you the highest quality produce nature can provide in a manner that respects both the environment and the community of people that live here.

This winter, I have been busy planning an intensely managed market garden that will, with time and hard work, produce over twenty different kinds of vegetables and herbs such as:

  • Spring and Fall varieties of Kale
  • New breeds of tomatoes with exceptional flavor and color
  • Three lettuce cultivars for crisp salads all season long
  • Parsley, chives, mint, and other herbs grown directly in the soil for the best flavor, oil content, and aroma
  • Staples like broad beans, red cabbage, leeks, and radishes
  • Not to mention the plentiful apples from the future forest garden!

Follow this link to see all of the varieties of vegetables and herbs I have planned (vihannekset nimet Suomeksi myös).

What is a Pilot CSA Program?

I am opting to invite the most bold local food supporters to join in the development of Lillklobb Permaculture through preordering a small share of the planned harvest.

The number of shares is limited: enrollment in the program is conducted on a first come first serve basis.

The sign up window will close Tuesday, February 28th at 19:00.

Why not sell the whole harvest?

There are a few reasons:

1) This will be the first growing season at Lillklobb. Although I have been hard at work for the past five months getting the essentials ready, there is a lot of work ahead. I strive to be honest and forthcoming about the opportunities and risks involved and by limiting the preorder of shares to a small portion of the planned total, I am committing to a portion I feel confident in delivering.

2) I want this to be accessible. Not everyone has hundreds of euros laying around to spend on food they won’t see until weeks after the snow melts. By keeping the total share small, I can offer price points that are affordable for everyday people.

3) I want to earn your trust.

What is a share?

The minimum preorder is 25 euros and the maximum is 100 euros. The reason for limiting the value of a share to 100 euros is to ensure that I have enough people joining the pilot program to generate diverse feedback and simulate a full scale CSA.

When you have ordered a share, you will have one of two options:

1) Receive your shares in boxes of fresh vegetables worth 25 euros. This is like a normal CSA share box where you will get a portion of everything. A contents list will accompany each box detailing the kind, amount, and value of the produce. This option will become available in June when I am certain there will be enough variety to offer. It will also be like the Kela Box: you will get more produce in the box than you would by choosing the second option.

2) Use your share like a gift card, where each purchase reduces your remaining value. This way you can pick and choose what and how much you would like to buy of what I have to offer. This option will be available as soon as produce is ready for sale.

You can decide how you would like to receive your produce after you have signed up.

Note: these prices include 14% VAT.

How will I receive my produce?

This is where the “community” part of the program comes in. After the preorder period closes on the 28th of February, I will have a list of the Pilot Program members which I will then collate. With that done, we can determine where the best pick up points will be. The pick up points will all be within a 20km radius of Lillklobb.

Of course, the best way to receive your produce will be to come visit the farm directly. I’d very much like to show you around. If you choose to pick the produce yourself from the field, you’ll receive a minimum of an additional 10% discount.

Other Benefits

In addition to securing your share of the harvest, you will receive:

  • Behind the scenes, weekly updates on the farm’s progress, including first looks at the coming “fresh sheets”
  • When your preorder has been fulfilled, you will be able to preorder further for this season at a 10% discount
  • A 10% discount on next season’s CSA, even if you do not preorder more for 2017
  • A warm invitation to 2017’s “Pikkujoulu” at Lillklobb
I’m in, how do I sign up?

Use the contact form below. Upon receipt, I will then send you an email with an invoice that includes:

  • Your order details and benefits
  • Lillklobb Permaculture’s bank details
  • A Pilot Program account reference code
  • A unique reference number

The invoice will be due two (2) business days after you place your order. The sign up window will close on Tuesday February 28th at 19:00.

Further Questions? Come by the farm Tuesdays-Fridays until 28.2.2017 and we can chat! Or contact me through the website here or on Facebook.