Education & Consulting

Permaculture is an ethical design system. It is not to be confused with one trending idea or another. At Lillklobb Permaculture, I intend to offer education and consulting services that ground you in the best theory possible and let you engage with working examples. I believe that it is only when you can do both that the holistic design process will make sense. Ultimately, you are the one implementing, managing, and guiding your life. My job is to build your confidence along the way.

I’ll be here at Lillklobb, in the heart of Espoo, putting together systems you can learn to trust.

Education: workshops & courses

This past year was spent nose to the grindstone getting the farm up and running, with basic systems in place (updates coming this winter), planning for 2018’s offerings can begin this autumn.

Lillklobb As a Venue

Are you a permaculture professional or sustainability expert looking for a venue? Lillklobb will be developed as a venue for a wide range of topics that we cannot hope to meet all by ourselves. If you would like to arrange a workshop or short course, reach out and start the conversation.

Permaculture Design Course

  • The first full 72-hour Permaculture Design Course (PDC) will be scheduled only after I decide that Lillklobb meets my exacting standards in both curriculum content and demonstrability of permaculture design in action.
  • A new pathway towards attaining a PDC is currently under development: consider multiple modules and hands on design implementation over the course of four seasons as opposed to two full weeks away from normal obligations. I’m hoping to gain approval for the concept over the winter.

Consulting: personalized design and education services

If you have a project or are thinking of starting one and would like a second opinion – or a guiding hand- we are here to help. Our consulting strategy is predicated on ensuring our clients’ understanding of the whole system. Our permaculture designs are tailored to your circumstances, not the other way around: the design and management will be realistic or it won’t be presented.

The following two links are intended to give you an impression of the kind of attention to detail one can expect during the design process:

1. 2010 Nottinghill Forest Garden Title-Site Analysis

2. 2011 Nottinghill Forest Garden Commencement

Lillklobb Permaculture also offers second opinions and peer review of permaculture designs.

Please note that final consulting fees vary depending on the scope of the agreement.

Use the following contact form to begin arrangements.