Spring Update

Wow, its been months since I’ve posted anything- here at least. I want to save this space for longer articles that don’t really have a place on Facebook (where I post updates on an almost daily basis).

Spring arrived super late this year and I’m still behind, only 3/9 gardens are complete but the plants that are in the ground are hitting their stride and I’m already making deliveries.

I wish I had time to write more, but suffice to say, there isn’t really any spare time to write about what I’m doing when my to-do list continues to grow!

Just rest assured I’m still here and be sure to check out the farm on Facebook for updates. I’ll find some time later in the season to write here, then definitely some season recaps as fall arrives.



PS: here’s some photos from the last week around the farm. I haven’t even had time to really take photographs this year!


Row cover season is almost over, lots of good stuff growing under there 🙂


Future forest garden awaits outside the gate


A gorgeous maple. Maples are extremely helpful for the bees that arrived a couple weeks ago


Another maple in the yard. Oak, elm, ash, linden, maple, rowan, this place is special.

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