LKP Update

Tomorrow is Finnish Independence Day, which marks the start of the holiday season here (although “pikku joulu” parties have been on for a while). The situation at Lillklobb has continued to improve as the weather cooperated, allowing me to get nearly everything done outside that had to be done before turning indoors for planning.

I’m now just waiting for the remaining five large poplars/aspens to be cut down by the city, which will bring in so much light for the months of March and September into the main growing space. Those are pretty critical periods- with the spring light needed to begin warming the soil and the autumn light to get a final push for late season crops. So once those trees are down, I can clean them up and call in the big chipper: an Eliet Super Prof 2000. This is one of the biggest chippers you can get before it needs to be hauled around! Should make quick work of all the branches and many of the logs, all up to 110mm in diameter.

I also found out that coffee roasters are indeed giving away jute sacks, so I’ll be in touch with some of the ones in Helsinki to begin sheet mulching the main gardens. The idea there is to create a biodegradable weed barrier from waste material. The sacks can even be doubled up in the pathways before putting down a layer of wood chip to make things even more neat. Even after all the gardens are set up, I’ll continue to use sacks around the farm as weed barriers for just about every planting one can think of.

Oh, and I finished my latest draft for seeds my first year of market gardening. More on that another time 🙂

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