LKP Quick Fall Update

Hey everyone, I’ve been busy these last couple of weeks at the farm trying to get everything ready for winter. The winds shifted and brought in quite a bit of cold air, making the landscape look like February: everything is covered in about 6-10cm of snow!

I got permission to move my worm farm into the heated basement of the main house, which is quite a big deal since they had slowed down to survival mode in the cold, nearly freezing, earth cellar. Now they’ll be back to full production throughout the winter, hopefully meaning that by spring I’ll have doubled at least another three times.


Big thanks to Kaius for making it possible to move that crazy heavy bathtub yet another time this year!

Chainsawing and such has moved along quite well too; I counted over 300 birch logs alone (of varying sizes, of course). There’s still a lot left to do, but each day opens up more field space and makes the place look a lot better.


But the main reason I’m writing today, and briefly, is just to say I’m still here! I post regular small updates on Facebook, which is perhaps an easier way to stay in touch. Anyway, once I’ve satisfactorily cleaned up the remaining trees, I’ll be moving indoors. I just found out this week that there is a desk available for me (corner office with a view to the future children’s garden!) inside Lillklobb itself. This is a huge deal, meaning I’ll be able to separate the planning work I need to do this winter from home life. So what that translates to is more updates here online as I begin to flesh out my designs and work on course curriculum for next year.

Stay warm and catch back up here in a couple of weeks for another update once I move indoors.

Oh, and I do intend to do weekly updates next year during the growing season- you know, when things change rapidly. There are only so many pictures of dead trees you can post before it gets really old.

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