Lillklobb Permaculture: a garden, a farm, a dream

As people, we are interested in one another. Where do you come from, what do you do, why are you here?

After four years in Finland, the questions still come- not so much anymore from friends and family, but from my widening social circle.

“I’m integrating” turns to “I’m doing a work try out,” which eventually becomes “I’m negotiating with the city over some land,” which- try as you might to avoid it- translates to “waiting on the government.” I could rely on that one for most of 2016 as this thing I now call Lillklobb Permaculture advanced in fits and starts. Still, as the old saying goes, “the best things in life are worth waiting for” and to start a business doing exactly what I want to be doing- with the support of everyone around me- has certainly proved that adage true.

One would think that with all of this planning and waiting that I’d have it all boiled down by now. Is Lillklobb Permaculture a farm? Are you a gardener? Is this just some kind of crazy dream? The truth of the matter is that it is a little bit of all of those things, which leaves me a little uneasy describing this venture in such a simple manner. Labeling it a farm makes it sound like should be driving a tractor, a garden can’t be more than a hobby (right?), and to write it off as a dream makes it sound like I haven’t thought this through and denies the reality of being a registered with the tax office.

Consider this post an attempt to explain.

This is what I do

Lillklobb Permaculture is a business that allows me to guide a piece of land’s ability to harvest solar energy in ways that are economically remunerative, ecologically considerate, and personally rewarding.

Before dismissing this statement as a bit pretentious, hammering in the “dream” label, and moving on, allow me time to explain.

1- Lillklobb Permaculture is a business

I am running a business- an entity that does things in order to turn a profit which can be reinvested into the company or extracted as salary. By creating a business, I have the opportunity to take control over my time, to do the things I want to do with my life, to self actualize. The business is a tool that recognizes that we live in a civilization which demands the use of currency in order to survive.

2- The business “allows me to guide a piece of land’s ability to harvest solar energy” 

If one steps back to consider what it is that humans actually do, what humans are, then we must accept ecological reality: we are animals with some extraordinary gifts and skills. But one thing we can’t do is feed ourselves. Homo sapiens are not autotrophs. Humans don’t grow anything to eat either. No matter one’s dietary choices, this is inescapable: without a functioning ecosystem in which primary producers (plants and algae) are able to thrive, we wouldn’t exist. Our actions take place inside a system, they are not outside, above, or removed from this planet. We can only intervene in flows that are older than anything we can truly comprehend.

Everything else is secondary to the conversion of solar energy into carbon based life forms. So, then, it makes sense to intervene right there at the point of conversion in order to guide the subsequent flow of energy and resources.

3- The ways that I guide the land’s ability to harvest solar energy must be a) “economically remunerative,” b) “ecologically considerate,” and c) “personally rewarding.”

a) See 1.

b) We won’t last too much longer if we don’t begin to put ecological health at the forefront our of our efforts. If my enterprise is based on wealth from solar energy conversion, then I need to ensure that what I do supports fundamental ecosystem processes like ensuring a functioning water cycle, efficient carbon cycling, and the intelligent movement of other minerals/elements that support the lifeforms we depend upon.

c) I don’t believe there is anything more fulfilling than exercising our physical and mental talents as humans in ways that celebrate being alive. Call them evolutionary or divine, our abilities as humans are quite extraordinary and I want to explore ways that can put them to use ensuring our planet is inhabitable for the next generation.

Lillklobb Permaculture: it’s who I am

Lillklobb Permaculture is my attempt to navigate life at the helm, at least for a while.

I hope that my entries will provide a different perspective on what can motivate a person to do anything, that it can be both raw and refined, unfiltered and polite, and at its heart: simply honest.



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